TsuchiDango is a group of permaculturists and environmental engineers providing education and expertise in water harvesting, water treatment, sustainable sanitation, pedogenesis & soil remediation, natural revegetation & food forest establishment, and the design of sustainable human habitats according to permaculture principals.

Permaculture is a design science integrating elements within a specific environment, and designing systems that produce a positive impact for both humans and the natural environment.

Earth care    People care    Fair share

Along these 3 fundamental permaculture principles, TsuchiDango is strictly non religious, non political, and non commercial.

You are most welcome to follow us, support us, join us or ask for our services!


“TsuchiDango”, or otherwise called “nendodango”, is the japanese word for “seed ball”, a sowing technique rediscovered by the icon of Natural Farming, Mr Masanobu Fukuoka.


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