Introduction to Regenerative farming with Nick Huggins

Nick Huggins from introduces us to regenerative farming techniques such as the P.A. Yeomans method of keyline pattern plowing.

The Yeoman plow is used to rip compacted soil (mostly mismanaged pasture land) to create off-contour water infiltrating mini-trenches.


water (run off) flows away from ridges, feeding gullies. a potential gully erosion hazard.

The Off-contour patterned “mini-trenches” will not only reduce run off, but also allow precipitation to be redirected towards high points or ridges that are normally shedding water away.


Keyline plowing reduces run-off and promotes regrowth from increased water infiltration

Water once infiltrated, enables fast regrowth, further slowing run-off and its devastating consequences (gully erosion, etc…).

Here follows pictures of the technique :


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